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I'm hoping that this section keeps changing but for now I would outline the below as highlights of my 'career'.

I appeared on the song 'Rock Soldiers' on Ace Frehley's - "Frehley's Comet".  Click here to read an article about that experience.  I wrote that article for which is no longer on line.  I enjoyed working with the web master, Doug Snazel and hope he's doing well.

I've been able to make many contributions to which I'm proud of.  You can find those contributions on the Interesting Links page  I've enjoyed working with that Andre Doles the webmaster there as well as a few other contributors; Mark Roth, OU812 (Angel), WESK5150 and Eruption1 (Greg). 

I've made a few recordings in my day as well although not for any label just for fun.

Early in my career I did about 6 songs with 3D Mirage.  I'll eventually upload them in the 'Downloads' section.

Working with Matt Tichon we recorded 3 songs for a cassette called 'Tish' and we did an entire CD called, 'The Grey Area'  I played the six string and bass guitars on that one.  We also played on WDVE's 'Coffee House' which is a live broadcast every Friday morning.  I did that show twice and am told that the audience is typically 250,000.

The two of us also appeared on a TV show called 'On Q' which is on our local PBS station WQED

As I said, I hope this section keeps growing.