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Left to right: Tony Janflone Jr., Brad Lawrence, Mike Pesta, Art Boehm, Tony Janflone Sr., student, Ann Lawrence and John Evosevic

My formal teaching days were spent at Lawrence Music in Castle Shannon, PA.

The above photo is from back in the early 90's when I was having a great time teaching people of all ages and all backgrounds.  I had students that went through the Mel Bay books and students that wanted to learn Metallica songs.

My youngest was about 4 years old on a 3/4 scale acoustic guitar and the most senior student was a sonderful woman that had recieved a guitar and lessons as a present from her husband.  When she came to the store she was in her 60s and her husband had just passed away.  Taking those lessons was one way for her to remember him.  I remember thinking that was true love.

The above photo doesn't include all of the teachers at the store.  There was another guitar teacher named Jeff and we had Mr. B. that taught violin.

I have fond memories of those times and wish all of the teachers and students from that time of my life great luck and best wishes.

Here's a link to Tony Jr.'s website, he's been able to make a living at music while staying here in Pittsburgh.  He's a heck of a guitar player and a great guy as well!

I've uploaded the material that I wrote and used when teaching some of my students.  They are in the Downloads section.  You can click here to go to that page.

As I stated above I also used the Mel Bay books as well as a cassette player and my ear.