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May 1978 - 8th grade spring concert

My father tells me that I started playing drums when I was two.  I imagine that banging on pots and pans can seem like playing drums to a father, especially one who played drums himself when he was younger.

I received a snare drum for my 5th (?) birthday and it all opened up from there.  I played snare drum in elementary school beginning in 2nd grade.  I played a set of drums when I was in 8th grade (see photo). 

I joined stage band in 9th grade and I had to participate in marching band.  I liked marching band but loved stage band.  I played the guitar and drums in stage band and snare drum in marching band.  The thing I disliked most about marching band was band camp.  The last two weeks of my summer vacation were to be spent at school learning the marching band program for the upcoming football season - no thanks!

In 10th grade I didn't go to band camp and was kicked out of both!  I wasn't too happy with that decision considering another student was allowed to be in stage band and not marching band but I wasn't afforded the same courtesy. 

I should tell you that the other student was John Rusnak, and he went on to become a classically trained (Carnegie Mellon University) and highly skilled pianist.  Here's a link to some information -> John Rusnak  John is one of the best pianists of our time and I'm lucky to have him as a friend, so check him out.

Anyway, that's my story of playing drums in public school.

I still consider myself a drummer, at least in my heart.  Although I enjoy playing the guitar immensely, I believe that drumming is in my blood, a god given gift.  Every once in awhile I get to sit behind a set of drums and see if I can still play.  I'm alweays a bit rusty at first but I end up feeling that I could still do it with practice.

Someday I will get a set of drums and take the time to practice and enjoy them once more.  Until then I'll keep banging on the tabletop and steering wheel.