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I have to give Jim Bocsey full credit for getting me interested in Tony Iommi and Black Sabbath.  Sabbath was Jim's favorite band and we would play 'War Pigs', 'Black Sabbath' and 'Fairies Wear Boot's for hours.  I was playing drums at the time.

Once I showed interest in the guitar he showed me how to play power chords by using Sabbath songs.  He was a good teach and I owe a lot to him for showing me how to play those songs way back then.

Listening to Tony Iommi I really got to know the pentatonic shapes.  He's a great old school player still and although he's not the flashies guy, his tone and technique really were the foundation for what became heavy metal.

By the way did you know that he had to have synthetic finger tips on his hand?  He had an accident where the tips of two fingers were cut off.