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Ted Nugent

'The Motor City Madman', 'Sweaty Teddy' what cacn you say about Ted Nugent!  The motor mouth, feedback usin' loin cloth wearin', swing on a vine monster of guitar!  At one point Ted was The Man in the guitar world.  When I heard 'Double Live Gonzo' I was blown away.  I remember seeing a tape of his performance at the US Festival and he was a nut.

I loved his playing on 'Stranglehold', 'Stormtroopers' and 'Gonzo' off the Double Live album.  'Free For All' is also killer.  I don't know of any guitar player that used feedback like he did, it was a small wonder how he kept the Gibson Birdland under control half the time considering his volume and style.

Every once in a while I will get close to my amp at a high volume to use feedback like he did.  That's always a fun thing to do.