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I was in Mr. Roeper's 9th grade science class where John Patterlini told me about Van Halen.  He said that I had to hear the guitar player because he does some really weird things.  So I went out and bought Van Halen.

I took it home with me and went to my bedroom where a had a stereo system torn apart on the floor.  I put the album on another system and began to solder some wires in the other system.  'Running with the Devil' had just finished and I thought, 'Ok, that we cool' and then it happened............

'Eruption' changed my life, I can actually still see myself as if I was stopped in time.  I was crouched on the floor, one leg underneath me and one foot on the floor and I was leaning on my knee.  I stopped what I was doing when the tapping began totally confused.

I thought, 'is that a keyboard?', 'how's he doing that?', 'what in the world is going on?'  Up until then I was listening to Kiss, Ted Nugent, Black Sabbath all with great guitar players but I could understand what each of them was playing.  But this stuff had me confused.

I kept listening and wondering and finally I figured the technique out.  Eddie had become my hero! 

To this day, I would say that he's my biggest influence although I don't use that technique near as often as I used to.  His rhythm guitar work is just as important as his lead guitar work.

To me, David Lee Roth has been their best singer.  When you combine Eddie's playing and Roth's lyrics/melody lines there is a magic that hasn't been attained with anyone else.  Roth had a humorous, tongue in cheek way of writing lyrics and his melody lines against Eddie's rhythms were fascinating at times.

My favorite Eddie solos is from, 'Push Comes to Shove' off the 'Fair Warning' album.  'Fair Warning' is also my favorite VH album.  Oddly enough, it was written at a very tumultuous period in the band but the songs, the energy and the maturity of Eddie's playing make that album stand above all other VH albums.

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