Ace Frehley

Tony Iommi

Ted Nugent

Eddie Van Halen

Neil Peart

Randy Rhoads

Stevie Ray Vaughn

Eric Johnson

Steve Vai

Joe Satriani

Neil Peart

So what's a drummer doing in the list of influences for a guitar player?

I can't help it.  I still have drumming in my blood and in my opinion, Neil Peart is the best damn rock drummer period!  I love his playing and composition not to mention his lyrics.

If you study Neil's playing you will see proper song structure.  He builds his parts starting with simple and building to complex.  His coordination is amazing and his technique is unbeatable.

My favorite Rush song for drumming is 'Subdivisions' off of the 'Signals' album.  But just about every song that he plays is a small lesson in perfect drumming.

Every once in a while I enjoy sitting behind a kit and I try to bang something out by Neil.  But I'm a heck of an air drummer and if I'm listending to Rush in my car I use my pedals and steering wheel a lot more than if I'm not listening to Neil.

I also read one of his books, 'Ghost Rider - Travels on the Healinig Road'.  I can recommend this book for Neil fans.  It's not an easy read but if you want to know more about Neil and how he dealt with the tragedy of losing his daughter and wife in one year.  I admire him for documenting this process and would recommend the book if you're a real fan of his.