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Randy Rhoads

Although Randy's time in the spotlight was very short, he made quite an impresion on the rock world.  He came just a few years after Eddie Van Halen and sparked a controversial, 'Randy vs. Eddie' competition in  many conversations.

Randy's supporters loved his use of classical technique and scales as compareed to Eddie's flying by the seat of his pants methods.  But whichever player you rooted for, we had a golden time in rock guitar in the early eighties with these two power houses.

I admired Randy's technique and ability to play 'just fast enough' to sound incredible but slow enough that you could still 'sing' the lead.  I also really like his tone and I think you can hear that tone in a number of shredder setups.

Many Randy fans say that 'Blizzard of Oz' was his best work and there are some amazing tracks on there.  'I Don't KNow', 'Crazy Train' and 'Suicide Solution' come to mmy mind.  But I must admit to like 'Diary of a Madman' a little more.  'Over The Mountain' and 'Flying Higth Again' are awesome tunes and 'Diary of a Madman' realy captures a lot o feeling in my mind.

As with many other guitarists whose lives are cut short you always wonder what could've been.  Randy is no exception, I really would like to have heard what was still to come.