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Stevie Ray Vaughn

Unfortunately I didn't really discover Stevie Ray Vaughn (SRV) until after his death.  He died on August 20, 1990 in an airplane accident.  Back then I was into Van Halen, Racer X, Rush, Nugent, etc..  I remember being sad that SRV had died but I didn't realize what a loss it was until much later.  In fact I didn't really discover him until about 1996.

Once I did realize his talent and ability, I devoured as much as possible.  He had such technique and then to find out that he played a heavy set of strings (.011 High E) that really killed me.  I ended up getting a Stratocaster to embark on a blues period.  Early on, I found that I couldn't leave the metal players but I would listen to SRV often.  I can remember when I finally figured out Riviera Paradise, I played it for hours, just by myself - it is so beautiful.

Songs like 'Willey the Wimp' crack me up and hits like, 'Pride and Joy', 'Cold Shot' and 'Couldn't Stand the Weather' are wonderful. 

So I struggled with his technique and style, his licks and his strength.  I even went as far as to load .011s on my two main guitars.  The strat was ok with that but the Kramer didn't like that at all.

I really wanted to play like him, the hammer ons and pull offs, his picking speed, etc.  THEN I found out about his TONE!!

I never gave tone much thought (I was such a dope about it) but when I really listened to his playing with the clean, yet searing leads, the neck pickup 'voice' and that overdriven but not trashed bridge pickup screams, I realized that was an entirely new world.

I really have to give SRV my full respect and love as a player and artist.  He made great guitar look and sound easy and he made tremendous music that stands the test of time.

God Bless you Stevie.......