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Back when I was at GIT, one of my friends said, 'dude, get to the practice studio tonight at 8:30, I have a new tape that you have to hear'  So I went to the practice studio and found the typical group of long haired, goofballs that was the group that I hung out with.

So we hit the play button on the tape player and out came 'Not of This Earth'!  That super compressed, clean, shrill guitar then that driving rhythm got our ears way up.  Then the legato runs with that tone we were mesmerized!  I still am when I listen to that playing, so fluid and so fast! 

Favorite tune, ' Rubina'.  Killer solo over great music and a ton of feel!  'Summer Song' is next.

Well we found a new guitar hero that night!  And since it was so early in his career we all still feel like, 'Hey, we found this dude way back in the day!'  So there's a certain bond that we have with Joe.

I haven't seen those guys in years and I hope that they're still playing...

I love Joe's tone, technique and humor.  I can recommend any of his work.  And of course the G3 stuff is great as well.  In fact if you hear the 'G3 Live In Concert' CD listen to 'Red House' near the end.  An old blues tune that Joe, Steve Vai and Eric Johnson trade licks over.  In my opinion, Joe is the only one who really 'gets it'!

Joe - why only 22 frets on your axe?