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Boss DR-670
Drum Machine

I bought this machine in June of 2005 because I wanted a little more control over the drums than I have on the Zoom unit.

I've used Boss Dr. Rhythms before so I stayed with what I knew, here's a link to the Boss web site.I like the interface and the way that I can write parts and then put them together for songs.  I'll be using this with my solo material.

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Fender 354
Heavy Picks

I've been using these picks for a few years.  I like the small size and the taper at the tip.  I have to tell you that I just received a new order and either Fender changed their spec or the stamping machine needs to be calibrated.  The tip is a little more round than I like.

I'm adjusting to this change and it may actually be a little better for me but I don't like when things like this change.

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Nady URR-10
UHF Wireless System

I use the URR-10 for gigs where I have room to roam.  I enjoy going out into the crowd to hear what it sounds like as well as to interact with the people.  It's a UHF system which has much less interference than a standard VHF system.

I've had great experiences with this system and can highly recommend it!

GHS Boomers
Guitar Strings

I've been using GHS Strings for as long as I can remember.  They sound great and last long without losing their harmonics.  I used to use Boomer .010s or .011s (if I really wanted to torture myself).  But I've changed to using GHS Boomer .009s.  They really make sense on the JEM and I've been using them on the Kramer for awhile now as well.

Fender Super Bullets
Guitar Strings

I use Fender Super Bullet strings on my Stratocaster.  They are made for that guitar and the little ends of the Super Bullets fit into the bridge easier than the ends of the GHS Boomers.

I get good tone and longevity from these strings.

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Radioshack Concertmate 990

I bought this keyboard to mess around with.  My two sons play with it now but I may still use it on some of my original material

'Guitar Player' Catalog
Magazine Collection

I've been collecting and subscribing to Guitar Player magazine since the late 80s.  I enjoy the magazine and think of it as 'the' magazine for guitar players.  I even had a letter publihsed once.