Stomp Boxes

Everything Else

I love my POD XT Live!  It's replaced all of my stomp boxes and given me an arsenal of vintage amps.

I'm driving my Flextone III Xl with this device now and it works wonderful.  It took awhile to figure out how to make these two devices work together.  I wanted to use just the power amp pf the Flextone III XL.

You need to put a dummy jack in the input of the amp (just use a 1/4" jack or patch cable).  Then you need to make sure that the 'FX Loop' button is on.

Plug the outputs of the POD to the Return section of the amp and viola it shoudl be working!

I used to have a POD 2.0 but traded that in when I bought the Flextone.  I then went back and got the POD XT Live for the versatility.


From top left to lower right:

Morley Power Wah  S/N 210581 - I used this for many years

Dunlop Cry Baby Wah GCB-95 - Used a few times
Electro Harmonix Volume Pedal - Used a few times
Foot stand for classical guitar - Used when I practice classical
Maestro Phaser S/N MP014814 - Used for many years
Tom Scholz Rockman Model IIB - Used for practicing years ago, not used much now
DOD Gate/Loop FX30B - Used a few times
Arion Stereo Flanger - Used a few times
BOSS Acoustic Simulator AC-2 - Not really ever used, thought it was a good idea
Pearl Chorus CH-02 - Used for many years
Boss Digital Sampler/Delay DSD-2 - Used farily often years ago
Boss Equalizer GE-7 - Used for many years
Boss Super Overdrive SD-1 - My Main OD once I bought the Twin Reverb
Legendary Tones Time Machine Boost S/N 1395 - A great device built by a friend of mine
Boss Dr Rhythm DR-110 - Used early on
Missing MXR Distortion + - I don't know where this is but I would teste it against the Super Overdrive every once in awhile but the SOD would always win.