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01 Call To Arms
02 Closer To The Edge
03 Senseless
04 Leave It To Me
05 Revelations
06 Walk The Walk
07 Ain't Gonna Go
08 The Last Time
09 Going To California
10 A Couple Of Tough Ones
11 Going Home
12 Baby Let Me Go
13 Lori '85
14 Wasted Space
15 Good Enough

The Gray Area - Copyright 1999

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01 Going Home (Ryan's Song)
02 Closer To The Edge

Copyright 1997


Matt Tichon - Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar and Vocals
Mike Pesta - Guitar
Ted Earl - Bass
Marshall Hartzell - Drums

Recorded at Aardvark Productions
Engineered by Lou Contumelio
Produced by Matt Tichon and Mike Pesta

Going Home (Ryan's Song) written for and dedicated to the memory of Ryan Hacke.


Copyright 1987
01 The Rain
02 Just Don't Show It
03 Come On and Tease Me


Matt Tichon - Keyboards and Vocals
Mike Pesta - Guitar and Vocals
Scott Ackermann - Bass and Vocals
Ed Horgan - Drums and Vocals

Recorded at Audiomation
Engineered by Joe West and Billy Covert
Produced by Matt Tichon and Mike Pesta

Original Artwork by Jim Forrester


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At the Graffiti
Part of RockFlash Music Magazine's
Rock Express
October 4, 1990

Videography by
Jeff May

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01 Don't Take It Hard
02 The Rain
03 Sticky Sweet
04 Faces
05 Just Don't Show It
06 Lori Ann
07 Games
08 Come on and Tease Me