3D Mirage

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Zarati Demo
01 Destiny
02 Greengrass Hill
03 Exuled
04 Movin' On
05 Only Love Can Keep You Going
06 Outta Town By Sundown

01 Outta Town By Sundown
02 Movin' On
03 Hot Summer Nights
04 Madhouse
05 Jailhouse Rock
06 3D Mirage
07 Angela
08 Stranger To Lonely
09 Livin' On The Edge
10 Time Has Come
11 School's In Session

Zarati - First and Last
Copyright 1983

Recorded at Starmaker Studios
Baldwin, PA
Engineered by Randy and Terry
Produced by Ed Chaitallo

All songs written by Mike Pesta and Jim Toner
All Instruments - Mike Pesta
All Vocals - Jim Toner

Special Thanks to Chris DeCarlo, Linda Carducci, Len Marino and Terri Horgan


Jim and I were interviewed on a show called, "Metal Morphosis" on a local radio station. The interviewer was named Chris DeCarlo.

She interviewed us in the foodcourt of Monroeville Mall.  You can hear people getting food and eating their lunch in the background.

After this clip she played a song called '3D Mirage' that we had recorded for our album.

You can read more about Zarati in the 'Band Life-Previous Bands-Zarati' section of this web site.

 Chris DeCarlo interview's Zarati