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Jack Rusnak

I recorded with Jack on a couple of songs for a demo.  He did this before he left for LA.  I may post them in the downloads section if I can get his approval.

John McCarrol

John is an old friend that was working in the advertising business here in Pittsburgh.  He asked me to do the music for a jeans radio spot.  We had fun doing it but I'mnot sure that what we gave them was what they wanted.  Anyway, I had fun but don't have a copy of that commercial that I can find.  Bummer...


I have to mention Jester as that is the band that I was following when I met my wife Michelle.  She was dating either the guitarist or the light man at the time.

Jester had Matt, Scott and a couple other really good people in it and was managed by a guy named Mike Zuhl.  I wasn't into the band thing at the time but enjoyed going out to see them and sitting in on bass to play LA Woman while Scott sang.

I met Michelle in November of 1985 so that tells you how long ago this was.