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Ironical - June 1981 article

3D Mirage
First version

This all started in Scott Ackermann's parent basement.  We wanted to play a party and so we got the band rolling. 

The article to the left explains the band for the most part.  We enjoyed playing parties that summer and fall.  I look back at that time as one of the best periods of my life. 

It was the summer between my junior and senior years of high school and being in a band was about the best thing that I could have asked for.

That experience solidifed my desire to be a guitarist!


Valley Mirror - January 1982 article

Zephyr Windz

The article to the left does a good job of explaining Zephyr Windz.  But it also caused a lot of controversy in the band.  In one paragraph, I'm quoted as saying that I play 55% of the leads.  In my mind I was saying that Mark and I share the leads and if anything I may play a little more, but that's not what it came out as.  Mark and the other band members where not happy with me or the article.

As I've said before to them, I'm sorry it came out the way it did.  If I could take back that one quote I would.

That aside this band was wonderful!  We played at The Foggy Bottom Inn in West Mifflin, PA for their Under 21 shows on Sunday night.  We must've played 15 or 20 in a row.  This came at a time when I was a Senior in high school.  Which meant that on Monday morning I would go to school to hear what a great job we did last night and that everyone had a ball. 

Yeah, that was fun!

I have some music from that era that I want to put in the downloads section.  We didn't write any material as a band but we did a couple of songs that were written by Glenn Hughes (not the guy from Deep Purple).  He was the singer in 3D Mirage.

Mark Phillip came up with the name and actually did a drawing of it and incorporated a picture of us.  If I can find a copy of that, I'll post that as well as some pictures of us back then.

By the way, the members of Zephyr Windz are now performing in Pittsburgh as a band called 'Mid Life Crisis'.

Click here for Zephyr Windz Photos


Scott Ackermann, Glenn Hughes, Mike Pesta, Matt Tichon & Jim Defigio

3D Mirage
Second Version

This was the band that I thought would make it.  We were playing clubs and hitting on all cylinders.


This wasn't really a band but the three of use recorded some of Glenn's material at Mark Harbst's recording studio 'something' planet in Lincoln Place.

We did 'Tragedy in Ohio', 'Dear Jane', and 'Last Bus Home', they are in the 3D Mirage section of the Downloads area.  Check them out!


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A two man band!  I played all of the instruments and Jim Toner sang all the vocals.  We were funded by a local business man that Jim knew.  This guy paid for studio time and publicity photos.  We were interviewed on the radio and started to put a band together.  But out of the clear blue sky, he left.  As soon as we were done he just left town.  We still have the masters and we've never heard from him again.  In fact he was engaged to someone here in Pittsburgh and she didn't hear from him either.

We worked in a studio called Star Maker which was in Baldwin I believe.  I will be uploading those songs as they've never really been heard before and that's why I put this site together.

Zarati never played a show and the name came from the Merkur XR4Ti.  I saw the XR4Ti and thought it could be pronounced Zarati.

By the way, Jim is now the president of Real Estate Riches a real estate investment firm


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Matt Tichon - Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar and Vocals
Ed Horgan - Drums
Scott Ackermann - Bass and Vocals
Mike Pesta - Guitar and Vocals

We were together in the late 80's and early 90's and performed at the 'Graffiti Rock Challenge' in Pittsburgh.  That was captured on video tape and I'm going to attempt to stream a song or two.

We also recorded a 3 song cassette in 1990 called 'Tish'
The songs are:
The Rain
Just Don't Show It
Come On and Tease Me

That was recorded at Audiomation on the North Side of Pittsburgh




West Field Appearances

Munhall, Pennsylvania is where I grew up and went to high school.  They have been having events over the years for Labor Day or the 4th of July.  Matt Tichon has been steadily performing there and over the years we've he's had many different bands or groups of people that have performend with him.

I didn't want to try to list each group separately so I'm lumping them into this one category.  I'll try to remember the names of bands and/or performers that we've worked with over the years. 

'Band for a Day'
Matt Tichon - Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar and Vocals
Scott Ackermann - Bass and Vocals
Mike Lysot - Drums
Mike Pesta - Guitar and Vocals
I think Mark 'Flip' Phillip performed as well

Unknown Band Name
Jamie ? - Vocals
Matt Tichon - Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar and Vocals
Scott Ackermann - Bass and Vocals
Mike Pesta - Guitar and Vocals
? - Drums

Matt Tichon Band - Performed songs from 'The Grey Area'
Joe Iampitro - Bass and Vocals
Matt Tichon - Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar and Vocals
Marshall Hartzell - Drums
Mike Pesta - Guitar and Vocals

Other local musicians that have performed with us at an event:
Rick O'Connor
Ralph 'Metal Man' ?