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As a Solo Artist


First Jamming/Learning Band (no name):
Guitar:  Jim Bocsey
Bass:  Dave Bocsey
Drums:  Mike Pesta

Jim and Dave Bocsey were brothers that would come over to my house and we would play 'Black Sabbath' songs in my bedroom.  I was the drummer in this band.

We never played any real gigs but every once in awhile a couple of friends would come up and listen.  We were learning alot about musicianship and playing together.

Jim was really the first guitar teacher that I had as well.  He was (and still is) a good guitarist.  I remember him teaching me things like 'Over the Hills and Far Away' by Led Zepplin and 'War Pigs, Iron Man and Fairies Wear Boots' by Black Sabbath.

I appreciate all that he's done for me.  He currently owns his own music store and is producing a cable tv show about local musicians.

First Writing Band (didn't have a name):
Bass:  Scott Davis
Drums:  Chuck West
Vocals:  Pat Shamming
Guitar:  Mike Pesta

Once I started to play the guitar this band formed.  Scott Davis and I met in a study hall and we hit it off well.  He was a bass player adn lyricist.  That was a great working relationship because I didn't really care much about the words at the time so he would take care of that.

Pat Shamming came on as the vocalist once Scott and I had the songs together.  He was what we needed at the time.

Chuck West and I had met while playing in concert band during our middle school years (6 - 9 grade). 

We played only original music and recently Chuck West gave me the only tape of us from back in the late early 80's.  I'll post that music here soon.