Our home addition began in Mid Febraury, 2007. 
We are adding a second floor that will include a Master Bedroom, Master Bathroom, Walk-in Closet, Second Bedroom and a Laundry Room.

You can click on these image to see a larger picture.

It's All Over!

We finshed in early September but haven't been able to get to taking the final photographs until today, Sunday, October 28, 2007.  The Steelers just beat the Bengals and we decided to close out this project.  So here they are, the rooms the way we see them!

Breakfast/Bar Area (and Catrina)
Looking into Kitchen and Basement Stairs from Bar
Kitchen (new floors and countertops)
Living Room
Dining Room
Laundry Room
Boys' Room
Boys' Room Closet
Master Bedroom
Master Bathroom
Master Closet

July 14, 2007

Exterior is almost done!
The back is coming together!
We had to use those old bricks for something
The Bar is shaping up!
The new kitchen floor is in!
Stairs are done!
From Master Bedroom into Laundry Room
Into the Boy's Room
Bathroom Vanities

June 10, 2007

Now that's a chimney! (Thanks Bob!)
Roof is just about done
Stairway to the basement
Bar is getting closer
Stairs are in!
Laundry Room Door
New stairs (Chris said, 'Boring!')
Attic stairs (yeah, I'm stair happy ;-)~
The new shower (Thanks Chris and Iggy!)
Shower and Walk In Closet Door

May 13, 2007

Water damaged ceiling gone!
New ceiling, ain't it pretty?!
Not time for a drink yet.
New door for Pesta's bar and grille!
The view is great!
Stairs are a'comin
Not finished but still pretty
Michelle still finds a way to garden

March 30, 2007

No more ranch home
Windows are in!

March 18, 2007

temp wall is down
Where stairs will hit first floor
New Bar!
Wall coming down in Bar area
looking downstairs from the 2nd floor
Boy's room from Laundry
It's a maze!

March 11, 2007 - Under Roof!

Toward Master Bedroom
Toward Laundry Room
New Attic
Is it art?

March 8 - Four walls are up!

Looking at Master Bedroom. Fireplace is not included
Looking Toward Laundry Room
Temporary Wall in Living/Dining Room
Temporary wall and New Beam in Living Room
Where stairs will be
Worker's 'Stairs'
Porch View
Looking into Kitchen

March 2 - Big Rain, Big Leaks!

Next Day
Next Day
Following Morning - Two Exterior Walls

February 24 - February 26

Before - February 11, 2007

Be Verwy Qwuiet, We're Hunting Wabbits!