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Here is where I'll post my latest material. 

You can click on any of the links above to find files from my various bands and projects.  I've got some real early recordings and I haven't seen or heard from many of those musicians in years.  I'm hoping that they can find their way to this site and send me an e-mail.

In the future, I hope to create and sell my music from this site.  So, I'm looking into things like PayPal and possibly a downloading service like iTunes or Rhapsody.

I hope you find something that you enjoy.  Feel free to download and tell you friends about it.


 Hines (1:32 minutes)
Copyright 2009 by Mike Pesta
By Mike Pesta
(sung to the tune of ‘Signs’ by Five Man Electrical Band)

And the sign said San Diego Chargers just need not apply
You won’t get past the black and gold no matter how hard you try
You know the defense will shut you down and the offense will do you in
And when Hines is the target for Big Ben’s throw, there ain’t no way you can win

Hines, Hines, everywhere is Hines
He’s running down the middle and blowing our minds
Did you see that catch
And the smile besides

And the sign said any purple Raven trespassing, will be shot on site  
We know you’re really the Cleveland Browns and man that just ain’t right
Reed and Lewis and Suggs are here with a bounty on their minds
But nevermore will you play this year cause you know we can get it to Hines

Hines, Hines, everywhere is Hines
He’s running down the middle and blowing our minds
Did you see that catch
And the smile besides

Hey mister MVP, you hold the Steelers records for all to see
Enshrined in Canton is where you’ll be and you know that we’ll be there

And the sign said you got to have a super bowl ring to get inside

Then the Chief smiled looking down from heaven as he, lit another cigar
He said smash mouth Steelers Football baby, well that’s just who we are
We’ll beat the Cardinals in Tampa, grab a six pack of Super Bowl Rings
And as Hines holds the trophy up to the sky
The whole Steeler Nation will sing

Hines, Hines, everywhere is Hines
He’s running down the middle and blowing our minds
Did you see that catch
And the smile besides


 Fast Willie! (1:32 minutes)
Copyright 2006 by Mike Pesta

by Mike Pesta

Rolling to the left
Running to the right
Give the ball to Willie
And he's running outta sight

Fast Willie
(Background) Go, Go Willie Go
Willie, Willie
(Background) Go, Go Willie Go
Willie Go, Go, Now Willie Go
Willie Go, Go Fast Willie Go

Number 39
Do it all the time
Hand the ball to Willie
And he's busting through the line


(Guitar Solo)

Steelers on a roll
Second down and goal
Pitch the ball to Willie
I can see the Super Bowl!




 The Big Swing (1:54 minutes)
Copyright 2005 by Mike Pesta

The opening melody for 'The Big Swing' came to me one morning right as I woke up.  I love swing beats so this let me play around in that arena for awhile.  Once I understood the melody I went to work on the chords for the rest of the piece. They came quickly but I didn't realize what a challenge they were going to be for the solo.  It took quite a while to create melody lines that fit.  By the way, I'm tuned down to Eb for this song.

I used my Jem on this with the POD Live XT running stereo, directly into the Zoom MRS 1044CD.  I programmed the drums on the Boss Dr. Rhythm (DR-670) and played the Quantum bass guitar.

The two amp simulations on the POD are the Plexi Jump Lead for the solo guitar and the Jazz Clean for the rhythm guitar.  I just plugged the bass directly into the Zoom box and used the 'BS-Pick' preset.

While I was recording all of the guitars I let the Dr Rythm drive the drum tracks using MIDI.  But when I was all done I decided to actually record the drum sounds from the Dr Rhythm into the Zoom.  I felt that the kit on the Dr Rhythm was more like a swing kit.  I just couldn't find a nice tight sounding kit on the Zoom box.

I mixed down in Audobe Audition and only added reverb to the right lead guitar channel.

I finished this recording on September 18, 2005 and mixed it down that day.


 Here is a piece that I did in my early twenties. I don't remember how I did all of the sounds but if you listen you can hear my heartbeat and a Seiko digital watch alarm going off. Also, that distant gong sound is me hitting the reverb chamber of my 1983 Fender Twin. The piece is called History

 This is a 32 second vamp that I'm working on. I'm posting it for Chris from Taxi but would like to share it as is with anyone else. I've called it 'Red' for two reasons; it's based on a blues format and it has a sexy feel, which reminds me of my beautiful red haired wife, Michelle. So here is Red.