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Teaching Guitar


Although I'm not a very religious person, I believe that the ability to create and the ability to appreciate creativity are gifts from above.

I am very thankful for the gift that I discovered at an early age.  Playing music is something that I've enjoyed for as long as I can remember. 

In my formative years it gave me an identity.  I 'stood out' among the crowd and enjoyed being 'the guy' that played guitar.

Growing older, I discovered that music is something that the body and soul understand even if our consciousness aren't aware.  The expression of music is only one half of the experience, listening and appreciating music can be a life long pursuit.

As the father of two wonderful children, I'm trying to teach them the joy of artistic expression and creative appreciation.  If playing music is their passion, that's great!  But writing, painting, dancing, etc. are all great ways to keep in touch with the intangible and emotional sides of life as well.

I encourage everyone to stay in touch with the arts and to look for the gift that lies within.  Artistic expression is uniquely human and something that we should all enjoy!